بِ \ at: (showing how): at full speed; at great cost. by: past: He went by me without speaking, (showing measure): We sell corn by weight and eggs by quantity, (showing how sth. is done): We travel by land (or by car). We did that by mistake. We hold things by the handle. We know people by name. We learn by experience. We earn money by working, showing the amount or degree of: I missed the train by a few minutes. That post is higher by half a metre. in: showing condition: In a hurry, showing how: He wrote to me in French, in red ink. into: showing a change of condition: She burst into tears. of: (after an adj. or verb) concerning; about: I’m sure of it. He’s fond of her. We were thinking of you. on: (showing the subject); concerning: He’s keen on sport. with: having: I’ll do it with pleasure, by means of: I cut it with a knife. It was covered with blood.

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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